Today, Sunrose enjoys a market dominant position within the South African market. Our success has been built upon our anticipation of customer needs and our ability to deliver in excess of expectations. Not only do we import our own equipment, we are also accredited distributors for some of the industry’s leading brands.



The growth and market dominance of Sunrose Online has come in no small part as a result of the business acumen and industry knowledge of our founder and CEO, Yacoob Aboobaker.

Endowed with an entrepreneurial bent, Aboobaker first started Sunrose, some 20 years ago. Since that time he has garnered significant industry expertise about trends, operations and marketing relevant to the South African Catering Industry.

In 1994 the company expanded its focus from route operations to the importation, manufacture and servicing of catering equipment. Based in our own premises in Central Durban, our company facilitates a workshop, repair facilities as well as a sales and distribution branch. Many dealers have been approved countrywide to distribute Sunrose Online products. Today, the company supplies one of the largest range of catering, bakery, butchery and air-conditioning related products and services in Southern Africa.




Sunrose Online is wholly Black owned.




With no less than 20 years of trading experience in the challenging local market, our intimate knowledge of the consumer as well as the operations end of our business is second to none. Much of our experience has been garnered “at-the-coal face” and you may appreciate; there are never any substitutes for practical experience.




Although the strategic direction and operation of the company vests in CEO Yacoob Aboobaker, he is ably supported by a base of skilled & talented in-house and associated professionals.

In the area of technical expertise especially, our associations with companies from the far east ensure that no challenge is beyond us.